Booth animation for Google CES 2019


On-site photos in courtesy of Andres Rivera and Gerald Mark Soto

One of the 3 main screens (other 2 being Harmon and Out of Home Screens) for Google CES 2019.

Given the roll of the 2D lead for the Booth screen, I was in charge of conforming an example slide run of the booth; animating promotional video moments, Google branding moments and all query "cards" that pop up; quality controlling all 3D backgrounds; rendering HAP renders of all backgrounds and individual elements to be handed off to RedPaperHeart, who re-created the whole slide run in Unity for the final presentation; and extra support in NYC for any additional animation needs while the Vegas team was on-site.

Above is an example of what the slide run looked like.

Creative Director : Jonathan Notaro
Art Directors : Jonathan Notaro, Bucky Fukumoto, Andres Rivera, Abigal Oh, Corey Lanelotti, Emeric, Darius
Producers : Johnna MacArthur, Brian Friel, Lucas Ajemian, Dorian-Carli Jones, Felicia Tsiokos
RedPaperHeart : Daniel Scheibel, Greg Schomburg, Caleb Johnston
2D Lead Animators : Gerald Mark Soto, Naoko Hara
2D Animators : Paul Yung Jae Su, Lu Liu, Reina Hamane, Gavin Shapiro, Jaime Flores, Gina Lee, Pedro Piccinini, Seong Yeop Sim, Halim Kim and many more...
CG Lead: Russ Wootton, Dan Bradham, Jeff Bryson
CG: Gerard Andal, Kyle Andal, Jeff Dragon, Doug Bello, Paolo Garcia, Ryan Chong, Phillip Massimino, Tom Alex Buch, Sarah Bocket, Paulo Dias, Paolo Cogliati, Mirelle Underwood, Ken Music, Jared Eng, HeeJin Kim, Yinan Xiong, Krista Albert ... and many more

This project was created with a team of 50+ people


Client : Google
Studio : Brand New School
Year : 2019